Creative Writing

When I'm not helping clients craft the perfect message, I can be found telling a story or performing on a stage in Austin, writing and directing plays, or publishing original humor and poetry.

Notable Works

The cast of Bad Parents at FronteraFest




  • 9 Favorite Nursery Rhymes With New Clickbait Titles - Featured member post on
  • The Vagina-Mommy Incident - Video –  Read at Listen to Your Mother – Austin 2013 and Featured on Write by Night
  • Optimus Prime vs the English Major - Staff Pick for November 2013, National Association of Mothers’ Centers; Featured on Project UnderBlog, Featured member post on
  • The Bathroom Cheerleader - featured on Great Moments in Parenting
  • Why is My Fetus Trying to Ride a Bike? - Featured on Project Underblog


  • Sisyphusian Condition – Published on Literary Mama, and in Laurels - The Red String of Fate
  • Gigantomachy – Published on Literary Mama
  • Swimming in the Lethe - Published in Laurels - Choose Your Own Literary Adventure
  • Open Letter to My Crew - Published in Laurels - A Conspiracy of Cartographers
  • Stars - Published in Laurels - A Conspiracy of Cartographers


  • Playdates - The Ultimate Resource for a Fun Day
  • The Life-Cycle of a North American Female Human: Poems

Listen to Your Mother - Austin